A testimonial success story by Cinzia Dicorato, Fund manager.

We all need an Alvaro in our lives.


I was never a big eater but my lifestyle evolved around : cooking, eating home-made food, an office job and zero training. I didn’t like the gym and I was never a sporty girl : now, shake that for 37 years and you become obese before you know it.

I’m confident and I know how to dress for my shape so my weight was never a real issue in my life but I was going to get married and I knew I wanted to get pregnant soon after, therefore my weight was going to become a real problem at the end of a pregnancy.

In December 2014 my weigh had reached my all-time high: 70kg+ and I’m 1mt50cm tall (or short!). Practically a Michelin-woman .

I chose Alvaro because from his website as well as his pictures I could see he is the type of PT that believes in what he preaches. He is Brazilian and I’m Italian so culturally we would be similar, but I mainly chose Alvaro because he looked like a scary beast, and let’s face it: if I was going to do this, I needed someone like him to keep me in check.

We met for an initial assessment on the 4th January 2015 and I went to that meeting with my gym bag and the dream of magically shrink.

Alvaro is professional, down to hearth and brutally honest but he expects the same attitude from his clients as well as a real commitment. Like a Spartan, once he takes you in you don’t really have much choice but to survive!

However I knew he was good when he first asked me “do you want to look good or feel good?” I said I wanted to feel fit because I wanted to be able to face a pregnancy at 37 with a healthy body. He said “Easy. If you listen to what I say, you will become fit and strong too”. Little did I know….

When I started I wouldn’t be able to run for more than 20seconds. No joke. For the first few months I endured a level of pain in my body that I didn’t know could exist. In muscles of my body that I didn’t know I had!

I was training every other day (4 times a week) and there was not much time for my body to recover from each session. I’m not going to lie: it was horrific! the sweating, the swearing (and the punishments for the swearing!) and the tears, the feeling like a loser, the negative thoughts: “I’m never going to be fit” or  “fuck it, why do I have to do this?”… but I’m not a quitter and Alvaro helped me a lot through the emotions too: he helped me in changing my mind-set around training. You don’t train just to look good, or just to lose weight, the purpose of training shouldn’t be just a “final goal” – should be more like an ongoing goal. One should train with the purpose of constantly feeling healthy and fit.  And even thought I felt (and looked) like a drag queen after each session, I did feel healthy and proud of myself simply because for the first time I was doing something.

Alvaro looks scary at first but he genuinely cares about your progress and if you let him, he becomes a real friend and I have to say, he can make you laugh a lot during the sessions! Slowly slowly training became enjoyable. It was never only “Alvaro-orders-and-you-have-to-obey” kind of training, Alvaro talked me through each phase of my journey and made me understand the purpose of each activity. He asked me to do exercises I wouldn’t even dream to do by myself and for each one he pushed me and pushed me and pushed me until we found my limit.  Then at each session he tried to push that limit a little further.

2 months in and the “magic shrinking” had begun:  I had lost 6 kg  and inches off my legs my bum and my waist.  I would slowly run 2k (walking every now and again) and I would start looking forward to the sessions.  When my husband noticed the dramatic changes in my body, he started to train with Alvaro too! yes Alvaro can be contagious! J

6 months later I now easily run 10k and today a 5k run is my cardio warmup.

We started in January with 1h cardio-only and we now do 1h weights training together after I’ve completed 30mins cardio by myself.

How? 1 step at the time and with a lot of trust.

Alvaro will never ask you to do things that your body can’t do. He knows his job very well, he knows your pace and your limits so your only job is to listen to him and to trust him. If Alvaro asks you to do something, even if it scares you, do it, because there is a great chance your body is ready to do it. And the more you trust Alvaro the more you find yourself doing these amazing exercises that you didn’t think you could complete and is such an ego boost each time!

Since the beginning of January I lost a total of 13kg and I got married in a size 8 ( as opposed to 14) but he still pushes me. He says I can be stronger and work on a 6pack!

I now train twice a week with him and I go for a long run by myself once a week, I still eat my comfy food with some adjustments: I always have breakfast now and healthy snacks in between meals to keep my metabolisms going.

Alvaro still pushes my limit each time but the pain is different now: I just feel my body and in a twisted way, it gets to a point where if I don’t feel that pain I think “I didn’t push myself enough”.

Don’t get me wrong, I still sweat like a pig and look like a drag queen after each session, but when he tells me stuff like  “wooow, you’re really fit now!” or “from fat to fab!” (yes he will increasingly make fun of you so don’t take yourself too seriously!) I laugh out loud but deep down I know I did it. Alvaro was there simply to teach me that I could do it.



Alvaro is an excellent Personal Trainer, highly skilled and full of knowledge. I am currently a member at Dulwich Leisure Centre. Before I choose who I was going to hire, I watched for weeks how other personal trainers work with their clients and Alvaro was the one who stood up. I’ve been working with him for 3 months and I’ve never felt stronger, healthier and been in better shape! He is very passionate about fitness and cares a lot about his clients. He makes each workout challenging and creative and most of all he inspires me to reach new goals. He always encourage and motivates me. Alvaro also helped me develop my mind set in a positive way. My self-confidence has grown, I feel great about my body and mentally I feel even more prepared for my own brilliance. Hiring Alvaro is a great recipe for your success. I absolutely recommend working out with him!




Weight: 70kg

Waist: 90cm

Hips: 108cm




Weight: 57kg

Waist: 74cm

Hips: 90cm


5K: 29mins


Deadlifts: 70kg

Squats: 70kg